Informer.com empfiehlt RarZilla Free Unrar

Mein kostenloses Windows-Utility "RarZilla Free Unrar" wurde von informer.com getestet und empfohlen: "If you’re looking for an extremely easy to use application to decompress RAR files, you’ve just found it. It could be very hard to find something easier to use and less complicated than RarZilla to do that. Why do I say this? Let me explain. RarZilla is a single window application with no buttons whatsoever. I mean, there are no buttons at all!! Once you installed it on your computer, which by the way is easy and fast and you will be able to choose your language from a huge list, you have... "

RarZilla Free Unrar ist ein sehr schneller und kostenloser Entpacker für RAR-Dateien (1,2MB; Windows). Neben normalen RAR-Archiven können auch gesplittete und geschützte Archive entpackt werden...

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